Investigating a Rust-on-UEFI division bug

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Created 2022-03-22, last updated 2022-03-23 04:00:59 UTC

These are some notes related to I filed that bug a while ago but haven't followed up on it. The bug still repros so I thought I'd take a look and see if I can give better information about what's going wrong. I haven't done any work on the rust compiler itself before, so I'll probably just be flailing around a bit.

It was suggested in the bug that the invalid instruction was maybe caused by SSE being used, which wouldn't normally be allowed in a UEFI environment. I think though that the invalid instruction is actually not happening in the division per se, but rather due to hitting unreachable_unchecked because it somehow thinks a division by zero is occurring.

I suspect the problem is in compiler_builtins, although it's certainly possible that rustc or llvm is at fault.

It's not currently possible to use a custom compiler_builtins in your project's Cargo.toml in combination with build-std. The current recommendation is to build rust with the necessary customizations.

So, I have both rust and compiler_builtins checked out. I added this to Cargo.toml in rust:

compiler_builtins = { path = "../compiler-builtins" }

And ran cargo update -p compiler_builtins for good measure, not sure if that's needed or not.

I set up config.toml like this, not at all sure if these are good settings.

profile = "user"
changelog-seen = 2

download-ci-llvm = true

prefix = "/var/home/nbishop/src/rust/bishinstall"

target = ["x86_64-unknown-uefi"]

Aside: there's a lot of documentation, both in the rust repo and linked to from it, e.g. the Guide to Rustc Development, but I've found it a bit challenging to navigate and find what I'm looking for. Certainly a much better problem to have than not having documentation! But it's still probably not as easy as it could be to get started with changing things in Rust and I have to imagine that most people who give it a try will bounce off the complexity pretty quickly and give up. (I may join that group after failing at this for a bit, we'll see!) This is a challenge that every big project faces of course, so absolutely no judgement to the Rust folks on this, just noting there's more work to do here.

Next, build stuff and see what breaks...

./ build

Lots of errors in compiler_builtins. I'll try checking out the version that rust is currently pinned to 0.1.70 and build again. And that fails the same way, hmm.

Ok, changing my config.toml to the library profile instead of user, and then adding #![feature(restricted_std)] in library/test/src/ got the build step to succeed. Then I ran ./ install to hopefully install it into the custom prefix. Unexpectedly to me, that sent it back to compiling a bunch of stuff instead of installing anything, and then it failed with the same errors as before.

Ok, let's try throwing #![allow(unexpected_cfgs)] into compiler_builtins's Now it's blowing up in a whole new way:

thread 'rustc' panicked at 'no entry found for key', compiler/rustc_metadata/src/rmeta/decoder/

Hmm. Maybe it's time to take a step back and do a clean build of everything with a more stock config, because I have no idea what's going wrong. I'll switch from my laptop to my desktop for quicker builds.

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