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Created 2022-01-24, last updated 2022-05-29 19:10:53 UTC

I'm trying an experiment of keeping some weekly notes here of what I'm working on. I do something similar at $dayjob, where I've found it helpful as a way of keeping track of ongoing work, as well as containing helpful pointers when I need to dig up information on something that has been paged out of my brain.

I've started looking into improving release automation in uefi-rs. Ultimately I think it might be nice to do this through a manually-invoked github action, but for starters I'm adding an xtask command that wraps cargo-release and then merges the release commit through a PR (since the main branch is protected from direct pushes).

I've already made a couple PRs to cargo-release in service of making it work better for uefi-rs:

I was very happy with how quick the review process was on those PRs, and they got released right away which is neat.

The tricky thing about writing code to do a release is of course testing it without accidentally pushing anything to crates.io or the github repo. I'm thinking maybe I can use cargo-http-registry and a scratch repo to make local testing easier.

Put up another small cargo-release PR: fix(cli): Fix help text for --verbose.

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